Our RPA Architecture is based on the industry leader - Blue Prism™

NTR Blue Chip Clients deploy RPA utilizing our robust products for Securities Processing and Corporate Actions Use Cases.

These use cases come from our Legacy solutions detailed on our Legacy Products Page.

NTR " NO/BACKOFFICE"  provides the first RPA solution to costly and in-efficient operations processes that plague the Capital Markets industry today.

The move to T+1 processing demands a streamlined back office paradigm based on STP principles with no human involvement.

NTR RPA " NO/BACKOFFICE" Solution is an industry first, utilizing the advanced RPA techniques of Blue Prism™ and designed under Agile Project Management principles.
USE CASE - Dividend and Bond Interest Processing

The images shown are from actual implementation projects involving Capital Market Use Cases.

In this scenario , a snapshot of the RPA Automation of Global Dividend and Interest processing is shown. 

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