Client Testimonials

NTR will provide a number of Client testimonials upon request.

A sample set of case studies is included below.

Global Blue Chip Firm

Over a period of 2 years N-Tier Americas designed, developed and implemented a multi-currency Settlement system from scratch for a subsidiary of this Global Custodian based in New York

The business model specified a solution requiring multiple trade paths to be configured by table changes. Trade scenarios include Actual Settlement, Contractual Settlement, Client Trading, Non-Executing Broker and full participant Exchange Actual Settlement with multi-currency options. [MESSAGE HUB]

Trading and Settlement processes in Foreign Markets such as London, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Mumbai, Stockholm, Virt-X were built as the functionality matched the growing lines of business.

Reconciliations were designed and processed both intraday and end of day, with proprietary messaging and ISO 15022 messaging catered for [GATEWAY AND API]

The system incorporated many ISO standards covering Classifications of Financial Instruments and Market Identification Codes

Global Blue Chip Firm - RPA