LEGACY Products

NTR sourced modules are based on core processing engines designed for the demanding Capital Markets industry.

The core design is tried and tested in many Capital Market clients over a 20 Year time-span including many Blue Chip Entities.

The product portfolio is made up of four processing engines that collectively deliver the following functionality:

 - Reference Data ISO Standards 
    ISO 10962 CFI - Classification of Financial Instruments;
    ISO 10383 - Market Identifier Codes;
    ISO 17442:2012 - Financial services -- Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

 - Global and Local Settlement [T+ '0 - N' enabled]
 - Global and Local Corporate Announcements
 - DR Custody
 - Securities Movement and Control including Debt Issue
 - Multi-Currency Fiscal Accounting
 - SWIFT ISO 15022 and 20022 [ in progress] 

 - Real Time transaction updates using NTR DLT.

 - Message Hub Data Feed linked to Involved Parties
 - Industry Standard APIs for seamless communication to other Entities
 - Onboarding for all Involved Parties to 14 levels of Relationship Management
 - FATCA Code Tables

The unique architecture of NTR Technology facilitates back-dated  trades, seamless workflow of transactions & integrated accounting, instantly and in real time. 

The stability and timeless functionality of the software has made the NTR Product Suite the product of choice for RPA  [Blue Prism™] and Cloud Services [Amazon AWS

The design is unique and underpins the NTR Distributed Ledger Architecture (DLA).