NTR is a Business Transformation Entity specialising in bespoke projects for the Financial Services Sector.

Our technology operating arm is an established FinTech with over 21 years' experience and expertise in Financial Services technology.

NTR " NO/BACKOFFICE"  provides the first RPA solution to costly and in-efficient operations processes that plague the Capital Markets industry today.

The move to T+1 processing demands a streamlined back office paradigm based on STP principles with no human involvement.

NTR RPA " NO/BACKOFFICE" Solution is an industry first, utilizing the advanced RPA techniques of  Blue Prism™  and designed under Agile Project Management principles.
NTR works with specialised Entities such as Central Banks, Large Wealth Management firms, Brokers and Insurance companies looking to support unique projects peculiar only to them due to position in the market, corporate size and role in the industry for their country. 

Typically, these projects are non-standard and therefore not easily automated by mainstream suppliers pushing a one-size-fits-all product offering.

NTR delivers rapid implementation of core processing modules within 6 weeks of project state [ Version 0.1] . 

We achieve this using experience and expertise gained over 20 years supporting blue chip clients, 

Version 0.1 becomes the iterative build, a prototype built jointly by the client and NTR using changes to code tables until a stable Version 1.0 is agreed for initial roll-out.